Serendipity looks at the big picture

Organization: Serendipity Promotions & Event Management
Author: Cali Gilbert

Our story

Cali Gilbert, former athlete, magazine publisher and event planner launched Serendipity Promotions & Event Management in 2010, in Sausalito, CA, to serve the non-profit sector in event management and fundraising initiatives. In recent months, Serendipity has included a photography collection to raise funds as well. There are now plans to include publishing and music projects to raise additional funds.

Our mission

Our focus is to raise funds for under-served youth in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area who dream of becoming athletes, musicians or artists but do not have the financial or emotional support necessary to see those dreams become reality.

The future

In 2012, we hope to launch the new Serendipity with subsidiaries focused on the passions we share in our lives. Our ultimate goal is to encourage all humanity to take the talents and gifts we have, combine that with serving those in need, and change the world!

Just imagine what we could do if one person at a time took the things they love and combined that with serving others? We could really make a difference in the world we live in and set off something quite spectacular for generations to come.

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