Join Lynne Twist on December 10, 2010 for a special conference call

On December 10, from 1-2 pm Pacific time, Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance and author/founder of The Soul of Money, will host a conference call for people who have “signed” the FOUR YEARS. GO. declaration, committing themselves to shifting the direction of life on Earth to a flourishing and sustainable future for all by the end of 2014 . . . and are ready to activate that commitment by inviting others to sign the declaration too. If you haven’t declared your stand yet, do it now!

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to help spread the word about FOUR YEARS.GO., you are invited to be personally trained by the co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, Lynne Twist!

The call is designed to inspire and empower anyone who is interested in inviting people around them to make the 4YG commitment. That could mean talking to your mother at a holiday dinner, engaging the members of your Rotary club, setting up a table outside the local market or speaking to thousands of people at a conference you are attending.

People who are actively engaging others and inviting them to take the 4YG stand will be the heart and soul of the success of the FOUR YEARS. GO. Commitment campaign.

Some bold souls will become “4YG Mobilizers,” those precious and audacious ones who will do whatever it takes to ensure that we have enough people from all parts of the globe taking and spreading the 4YG Commitment to cause the success of FOUR YEARS.GO.  Will you be a Mobilizer?

Whether you just want to get some insight into how to raise the subject of humanity’s future with your friends and family, or you are ready to go all out as a “4YG Mobilizer,” please join us for this Conference Call to learn more.

  • Ben Roberts

    Great call today, everyone! I look forward to seeing some thoughts posted here by some of the ~150 participants we had with us. The energy is building!

  • Christine Gordon

    I hope there will be a way to share a recorded call with those who missed it . Lynn is always so inspiring and I was brought back to knowing that together, a difference is made – step by step, conversation by conversation. Thank you all . Christine Gordon

  • Anonymous

    Yes–there will be! I’ll get a link posted here soon.

  • Robin

    Great call! 4 Years. Go. gives us a powerful handle. Thanks! Robin

  • Mcorenman

    It was a great call with lots of practical information on how to verbalize your commitment to 4YG’s mission. Now we can become mobilizers and effectively engage others daily as we live out our passion to create the world we envision.

  • Barbara Snow

    This is a beautiful idea. It focuses our collective intention in a profound way. We just know that with each of us bringing our individual perspective and commitment, we will have a wealth of talent. This is working for good at the spiritual and 3D levels. What a privilege to be part of this community and this process.

  • Brenda

    Showing up together was really powerful. Thank you Lynne Twist and all the people behind the woman! We are truly all in this leaky canoe together as Grandmother Agnes of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers said.
    Being the change -
    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!!

  • Cherie

    Great call, great connection with everyone!

  • Teny Bannick

    I was impressed with the way participation was organized on the call to include; polling, one-on-one break-outs and q&a. Thank you! :^)

  • Madeline Dalrymple

    Would love to see some of the ideas written down for some of us who make it to the call!

  • Anonymous

    Here is a link to the recording of the call for those who missed it, or want to listen again:

  • UPuettmann

    Hello Lynne Twist, this is Ursula from Germany who was assisting at the Hunger Project. You rebemer. I just contactedMark Batchelder with whom I paricipated in the 6day course andhe told me about ypur project. It says no more registartions.
    CAN YOU ORGANISE SUCH AN EVENT FOR US FOREIGNERS, MAYBE ON SKYPE SO IT IS AFFORDABALE! I would invite the people of my organistations from timeline2012, Face2012, and project tristar international community…all of which I am organissing on an intenational level (Many countries are represneted here.)
    Greetings from Ursula alias Kara

  • Tal

    Hello! please contact me,Tal Ronen, in my Tel Aviv adress as showen on my site
    i am heavily ionvolved with the future of out planet and with top leaders both in the USA and Midlle Eeast !
    you might remmember me as an ex 6Day course leader, Seminar Leader and Center Manager in Israel.
    much to do and a very short time!

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