Sustainable cities in three years? Jaime Lerner says it’s possible

Jaime Lerner believes we can make our cities become part of the solution, rather than the problem.  By using creativity, innovation and devoting funds towards improving our cities–not just with green buildings but also by fixing transportation within the city–we can make these changes quickly and effectively.

Some of Jaime’s rules:

1. Cities don’t have to be the problem.  They can be the solution.

2.  Your car is like your mother-in-law.  You have to keep up a good relationship, but don’t let her be the most important person in your life.

3. Teach the children. Then, they will go home and teach their parents.

4. We have to work fast, because we don’t have all the time in the world.  There is room for planning, but we must not fail to act because we are so busy planning.

The TED talk video is 15 minutes long but worth watching until the end, if only to see Jaime singing about sustainability with help from the audience.

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