365give changes the world one day, one gift at a time

Organization: 365give
Website: http://www.365give.ca
Author: Jacqueline Way

365give is a movement that inspires and educates people to give every day, creating social awareness and social change. At 365give, we believe if everyone commits to one giving action every day, the world will be a better place for our generation and generations to come.

365give launched on a simple premise: One person wanted to create positive change in the world; One person wanted to leave a legacy of giving; One person wanted to create a movement that would mobilize people to give back every day of their lives.

A mother was motivated by one simple thing. Her son. How could she leave this world for her child one day, given the condition it is in now? Beginning September 29, 2010, she launched her mission to inspire people around the world to do one give every day of their lives. Whether it is picking up garbage in our local parks, bringing our own bags to the grocery store, helping a neighbor or a person living on the street, we can all do one simple task every day.

Organizations like 4YG help to create the change we want to see in the world. Open your eyes today. See what is given to you and how you can share one give with one person in your life .

Today is your day to start. Don’t wait. Do it today.

Jacqueline Way / Founder http://www.365give.ca

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