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Organization: HelloHolistic.com
Website: http://www.helloholistic.com
Email: connect@helloholistic.com
Author: Karlie Cole

Are you interested in a healthy lifestyle? Alternative and complementary medicine? Healthy, organic, local food? Sustainable community and green choices? Spirituality and personal growth? Want to know where to find practitioners, eco-friendly businesses, great food, life changing events and more?

Then, HelloHolistic is THE social network for you!

Ho·lis·tic [hoh-lis-tik] -adjective:

  • Emphasizing being whole, connected, and interdependent.
  • Acknowledging the interdependence of all systems to sustain life.
  • In holistic healing, considering the whole individual; mind, body & spirit.

HelloHolistic is new. It’s a holistic approach to connecting people and resources locally using all the best social networking tools. HelloHolistic goes way beyond the Yellow Pages style of finding what you’re looking for in your community and provides the online tools for building connections in our local communities in new, integrative and evolving ways.

As a member, you’ll be able to connect, converse, and collaborate with your family and friends as well as local practitioners and businesses that share your holistic lifestyle values.

If you are familiar with Facebook, the learning curve for using HelloHolistic will be very quick. Even if you’re not, it’s set-up is quite intuitive. On a healing journey? You can keep family and friends updated easily, and they can connect to the people and places you love, too. Working on a lifestyle change? Connect with your friends and family for support.

Ever wonder why, if it’s so easy to find current listings of movies and sporting events online, it’s not that easy to find events that are a bit more enlightening–a meditation class, yoga or one of those great life-changing events. As HelloHolistic builds, you’ll be able to quickly find out about the great events that interest you in one place. Going to a great event? Post it on HelloHolistic and invite your friends and family easily. And, keep up to date on events from your connections as they’re posted.

Every one of us has gained wisdom on our journeys, so on HelloHolistic, everyone is invited to share their wisdom. As HelloHolistic grows, you’ll find interesting articles on various healing modalities, healthy food, exercise, home remedies. You’ll stay up to date on the latest local news on creating a sustainable, green future and much more. If you like what someone is sharing, you can subscribe to them with one click and anytime they add a new article, you’ll know about it. Your connections, events, shared wisdom and more will all be there for you, saved on your profile, whenever you return.

As HelloHolistic grows, you’ll not only be a part of helping your community build an awesome directory of local holistic resources, you’ll find yourself feeling more connected and less isolated in your own local, live-and-in-person community.

Join us today! Personal membership is always FREE! Practitioner and business members provide financial support for Hello Holistic through low-cost memberships.

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