Students sail high-tech pirate ship in reality TV show with a mission

Organization: Ketch My Drift
Jim Rizor

Ketch My Drift follows the story of eight college students who will take to the high seas on a high-tech pirate ship for unique semesters of “be the change.” Selected applicants will sail to exotic locations where they will explore the local scene, assess social and sustainability issues, and create action plans to serve for the betterment of all. Our professors will set dynamic challenges in every episode that result in practical innovations. Our students will work with young people from around the world to join hands in lifting awareness and hope.

Ketch My Drift is also an educational competition.  Grades will be performance based in unique and perilous environments where creative and dynamic, hands-on solutions are needed for environmental and humanitarian problems.  Contest is designed to find the most “Green Philanthropic Adventurer.” The highest GPA wins a college scholarship for $100,000.

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