Wildlands Restoration Volunteers engages thousands in the restoration of public lands

Organization: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
Website: http://www.wlrv.org
Author: Ed Self
Contact: edself@wlrv.org

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers engages thousands of volunteers in joyful, tangible restoration and stewardship of public lands across the Rocky Mountain region. We adopt special places for long term care. Volunteers returning to these places develop deep connections to these places.

Our core values are love of nature, building community, healing, empowerment, tangible results, education and celebration.

Currently we have offices in Boulder and Fort Collins Colorado, organizing over 60 volunteer events each year across Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We also established a Northern Rockies Chapter in 2010, based in Missoula, Montana (http://www.wlrv.org/nrockies) and hope to establish a network of Chapters across the region.

Here is a brief summary of accomplishments through 2010:

• Completed 285 projects, involving over 13,000 volunteers who have contributed over 186,000 hours valued at $3.4 Million.
• Restored 18 miles of streams.
• Closed and restored over 15 miles of roads to benefit wildlife habitat.
• Constructed, maintained or rehabilitated over 20 miles of trails.
• Seeded or planted 5,700,000 square feet.
• Planted over 141,000 native trees and shrubs.
• And, much more…

See our website for complete information and thousands of photos of volunteers in action.

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