MiniMonos: Fun-filled virtual world inspires kids to sustainable real-world action

Organization: MiniMonos
Jonathan Collins

The children on MiniMonos are showing adults how it’s done when it comes to real-world action. MiniMonos—a virtual world for kids focused on sustainability, generosity, community and fun—has become a creative incubator for child-instigated green initiatives.

Sustainability isn’t ‘taught’ on MiniMonos; it’s normalized. Kids quickly realize that if they don’t clean the lagoon, the fish don’t come back. If they don’t do their recycling, their tree houses get messy. These concepts are in-built, not preached—and the kids pick them up and run with them.

One of the kids, on his own initiative, started Pick-up Trash Fridays, through which other children have visited a recycling centre, cleaned up their school, and are regularly picking up trash. Another member picked up over 1,800 cigarette butts from her local beach.

MiniMonos was created so that children have an online place to explore without the constant pressure to buy stuff–a place that embodies core values like sustainability and generosity, without turning those values into a boring lecture.

Last month, MiniMonos held a Green Halloween competition, again initiated by one of the child members. The ‘spooky season’, which is often a high time for consumerism, is a catalyst to explore how recycling can be applied to real-life situations relevant to children. What will they come up with for the holidays?

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