Thankyoo core humans spread core feelings with Thankyoo Vidyoos

Organization: Thankyoo
Yvonne van Dyck

Successful humans are not always fulfilled–fulfilled humans are always successful
–Yvonne van Dyck

Thankyoo is a core idea of Yvonne van Dyck from Austria. She works with international virtual teams and produces inspiring thankyoo vidyoos. These teams love to serve Core Humans spreading Core Feelings like joy and gratitude with free thankyoo vidyoos (videos) and trainyoos (videotraining) for a successful and fulfilled life in gratitude and joy.

Core Humans spreading Core Feelings are shown at the Gratitude Map, and they strengthen the mag(net)ic® field of joy and gratitude worldwide. Everyone makes a difference! That is why the vidyoos can always be sent for free immediately, via e-mail or can be shared with personalized links in a social web; e.g., twitter or facebook.

Thankyoo is a source for core feelings, for people who know: Now is the time for a new economic system, an economic system that realizes that success without fulfillment has no real value; with entrepreneurs and executives who work ethically, elegantly and efficiently; humans who work for a sustainable success in life; people who know that positive anticipation, trust, joy, and appreciation are the “fuel” to get the required results, and who understand that especially in times of insecurity these emotions are more important than ever; humans who know that gratitude and joy are core emotions for fulfillment.

THANKYOO for COREporations: You support generative social projects worldwide with your membership. Have a look at the recent project in our blog.

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