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Organization: EarthSayers
Ruth Ann Barrett

Increasing Sustainability Awareness

Our mission is to increase sustainability awareness especially among our citizens who are using the Web to search out the people and knowledge necessary to effect change and to do so quickly enough, the theme of Four Years.Go.

Finding Our Leaders

The pioneers, game changers and leaders of sustainability are buried in a sea of information and are hard to find, hard to hear. We find them, review for relevancy and quality, call out the individuals speaking, and categorize the programs using a taxonomy or system created especially for sustainability.

Focusing on Sustainability Content

A small band of people, sparked by an idea to put to use video aggregation in the service of sustainability, created the website,, and continue to grow the site by adding quality content daily and extending the “find-ability” of these voices through Twitter (@EarthSayer); blogging (Sustainability Advocate); and special collections on the site organized around topics within sustainability such as renewable energy, the oceans, ecotourism, and indigenous cultures.

Hearing from Our Leaders

Find the speeches, interviews, documentaries, movie trailers, event coverage, and performances of over six hundred sustainability advocates; learn from them, and, most importantly, be motivated to make the necessary changes in your life at home, work and in your community for a “sustainable, just, and fulfilling presence on this planet by February 14, 2014.” You are not alone, but you are part of a sustainability movement. Give voice to your ideas and actions–become an EarthSayer.

Who we are was founded by Ruth Ann Barrett with the commitment and skills of Geoff Clevenger, developer; Rose Cassano, designer and illustrator; and Dr. JoAnne O’Brien-Levin, creator of the Content Map, a sustainability taxonomy.

The Four Years.Go video is in the EarthSayers collection at

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