Blog Action Day: Working together to solve the water crisis

Erin Swanson

It’s easy to glaze over when hearing vague, general phrases like “the global water crisis.” So what? you might think. What is being done? What can I do?

We are thrilled to share some good news as millions on the web rally to talk about all things water for Blog Action Day. We’re not waiting on a magic cure to help those without clean water or a toilet. The solutions are simple and cost-effective. And has been delivering these solutions in sustainable ways for 20 years. For only $25, can bring someone access to clean water for life.

Why blog about water today?

Water projects in the developing world have disturbingly high failure rates. For example, in Africa, it is more than 50 percent. Through the past few decades, well-intentioned groups and organizations have appeared in poor communities, wanting to help them get clean water for the first time. Unfortunately, this has too frequently resulted in more harm than good, disillusionment, and confusion for everyone involved.

We all want to make a difference. We all want to make the greatest impact — with our lives, our time, and our money. It is all limited and valuable, after all.

But here is where the opportunity lies. We can be intentional with all the things we have to offer and learn from others’ mistakes.

This is precisely the vision that motivated our co-founder Gary White to start Through his travels in the developing world and experience as an engineer, he was convinced there was a better way to help those in need in practical, sustainable ways.

The good news: Solutions to water crisis are simple and cost-effective

Here, we find the good news. Solutions to the water and sanitation crisis are simple and cost-effective. And by creating a model that focuses on a holistic approach to helping people get water and a toilet for the first time, sustainability can be achieved.

What does this look like? Over the past 20 years, we’ve learned that it is through a combination of high-quality, local partner, community ownership, locally available technology, and integrated projects involving sanitation and health and hygiene education that make the most impact—for the long term.

Transformation does not come with the flip of a switch. It is only with hard work, dedication, and empowerment of those in need of the solutions. These forces help to drive’s programming. Gary said it best: “”People on both ends–the poor and the powerful–must believe that the poor can meet their own needs. I know I do; I’ve seen it over and over again first-hand. This is why I believe every person can have access to safe drinking water in my lifetime.”

Be part of something big today

And so, today on Blog Action Day, we invite you to be a part of something big. We invite you to make an impact that lasts a lifetime. Because it’s not just about a well. It’s about what is best for those we’re trying to help. It’s about lifelong change. It’s about a holistic view and approach that allows those we’re trying to help thrive and take control of their situation so they can break the cycle of poverty.

We’re honored to be working beside you.

Erin Swanson

P.S. For only $25, can bring someone access to clean water for life:

P.P.S. Donate your voice for Blog Action Day! Here is a resource page with good photos, video, facts, and quotes to get you started on your blog post, Facebook note, or status update: . Thanks for joining us!

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