Praemia Group reorients to focus exclusively on Four Years.Go. leaders

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Recent environmental breakdowns coupled with economic upheaval have fueled a re-awakening desire among business leaders to be more environmentally and socially responsible. A desire to make a difference beyond shareholder gain and to tackle the fundamental challenges facing people and our planet. An ever-increasing army of conscious business leaders is declaring their commitment to lead their organizations towards positively impacting the world. Now is the time to stand with these leaders to accelerate the transformation of business for the good of all living things.
–Vince DiBianca, Co-Founder and Senior Partner
The Praemia Group® LLC

Praemia Group co-founder Vince DiBianca reports that his trip to Ecuador with Lynne Twist and the Pachamama Alliance was the final linchpin in his growing readiness to commit himself and the Praemia Group to the FourYears.Go. goal and timeline. “Business is the locomotive of society and its transformation is essential to our future,” DiBianca explains.

“For 35 years, my colleagues and I have been empowering leaders of some of the largest and most powerful organizations on earth to deliver on their mission,” he adds. “These people have helped produce empowering innovations in technology, health care, energy, education and communications. Unfortunately, some of these contributions to the human endeavor have been achieved at great cost to our level of profound happiness and well-being, the stability of our families, the health of our communities, the equities in society, and the sustainability of the planet itself. Focusing on short-term shareholder gain too often displaces an organization’s deeper purpose to serve its other critical stakeholders over the long term.”

Praemia consultants now coach and support business leaders to enable them to produce unprecedented results for their companies in ways that will directly affect the well being of people, the environment, society and the global economy in the next four years. Praemia® works exclusively with leaders who have committed themselves and their organizations to shaping our collective future towards a just, thriving and sustainable world within the next 4 years. They assert that the next four years will shape humanity’s future for the next 1,000. Transforming the culture of business will be critical to shaping this possibility.

According to DiBianca, the major disease in business is resignation and its antidote is possibility. “People often do not see how they can make a difference or have given up trying.” The Praemia Group subscribes to a set of principles that help business leaders come to terms with the reality of the challenges they face and the possibility of transformation. One of these principles is that  it is prudent, if not essential, to work and live as though the FourYears.Go. message is on point.

As DiBianca puts it, “The transformation of business is being demanded by the rest of the world.” More leaders are stepping forward. FourYears.Go. is providing an ideal context and an urgency that inspires business leaders to be in action.

  • Richard Hogan

    It is very encouraging to continue to hear of your increasing committment to help lead the business community toward Home and the deep balance we all need to co-create of by and for the Earth Family. We must all become the outcomes in process, we wish to see embodied…. .

    Every encouragment
    and blessing toward Loving consciousness in action,

    Richard Hogan

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