My Road Trip With a Solar Rock Star Or Notes on the Enthusiasm Gap by Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben, creator of and author of the indispensable book, Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet, takes a road trip from Unity College in Maine, to the White House, carrying one of the original solar panels, in perfect working order, placed on the White House roof thirty years ago by Jimmy Carter.

In a TomGram on, Bill McKibben, The Enthusiasm Gap in the White House, McKibben relays the gripping account of how he and his courageous comrades came face to face with the truth of Washington politics.

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  • Rachel Silverstein

     This is old, and likely no one will read this comment, but I have to say
    I clicked through to read McKibben’s account of taking 3 college
    students and the original WH solar panel to the White House and I am
    just disgusted.  I am disgusted with the Obama administration’s
    response, and DOUBLY disgusted with McKibben.  After they treated you
    that way and the college students bravely made a stand you couldn’t
    manage to stand up for what you believe in???  And then you actually
    admit that part of you just can’t help but fall for the Obama image and
    that’s what made you feel better?  I also find it repugnant that the
    Repubs are climate change deniers but I do not agree that having Dems
    who are as pathetic and inactive as Obama will help climate change any
    more than having a climate-change denying Repub would.

    Kudos to those 3 college students who wouldn’t take that PR bull and shame on you Mr. McKibben. 

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