Get Involved: Two Inspiring October Rallies in Washington

Apparently, Americans are ready to rally, and if you live in or near Washington, you’re in luck.  Two marches are coming to town, one on October 2nd, and one on October 30th.  You may have already heard of the second: Jon Stewart of the Daily Show is the organizer.  But have you heard of the first?

October 2nd’s rally was initiated by One Nation Working Together and is a march to “Put America Back to Work and to Pull America Back Together.” They are marching for jobs, for peace, and to bring the focus back to American people who need help during this recession.

October 30th’s is initiated by Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, “The Rally to Restore Sanity.” It’s a rally for those who believe the dialogue in this country has gotten a little too extreme lately and they’re ready to bring America back to moderation, for the sake of everyone who wants to find common ground and move forward together as a nation.

Why march?  It’s a way to show solidarity with these causes.  It’s a way to meet other likeminded folk–often a rarity in a world of virtual interactions.  Your physical presence at the nation’s capital sends a serious message to America’s policy makers.  Finally, it’s a way to show that the power to drive change still rests within the hands of each person in this country, and by coming together and speaking our minds, we can demand results.

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