Climate Change is Elementary empowers students to take the lead in greening their world

Organization: Climate Change is Elementary
Author: Dave Finnigan

Elementary student energy will lead the way in the vital transformation to green. Climate Change is Elementary spends a day exciting and informing students and teachers about ways to take meaningful action toward understanding and solving the climate crisis. The activity filled day ends with an informative all-school assembly. That same evening, parents come to school to create a Family Sustainability Checklist with all the things they promise to do to save the planet.

Students learn so they can teach their families to conserve energy, water

Using our exciting activity program, which has been thoroughly tested in CT, NJ, NY and FL, students learn about energy- and water-saving activities. Then they teach their parents in a structured evening of interaction and heartfelt family communication. Different behavior changes are appropriate for different communities, so we offer a menu of possible changes from which families select the ones important to them.

Families go home with a Sustainability Checklist to mark their progress

The result is a Sustainability Checklist for each family in the school. These lists will be posted online at closed classroom-based social networks where kids get to demonstrate their changes graphically with a digital house and yard that transforms as they go down their family’s list. Change their light bulbs, and the house brightens; re-insulate and the house glows; plant vegetables, and a garden appears mysteriously in the yard. Kids can help one another to make changes.

School PTAs and Title I Fund most programs

School PTA or Title 1 eagerly pays for this program which is currently $1,500 per school.

Online carbon calculator coming soon

The online portion of the program will eventually use a carbon calculator to help kids discover their carbon reduction “score.”

How you can help

There are three ways you can help.

  • We could use your assistance in getting schools to invite us in to deliver the program.
  • We are willing to trade programs for web design assistance with the social network development.
  • We are ready to train others to deliver the program and join our team of presenters.

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