8th Life to build edible forest-farm, eco-village from scratch and show it all on Tell-a-Vision

Organization: 8thLife.org
Website: http://8thlife.org
Stella Strega-Scoz

WHAT – In 8th Life we will build an edible forest-farm and an eco-village from scratch, while making the whole adventure–technical, social, personal and economic levels, as all are interrelated–available as a ‘reality TV’ Internet experience, launching a new form of Edu-tainment for Sustainability: Tell-a-Vision.

HOW – This will teach a great deal on the technical level of basic structural, physical changes we can make to bring our lifestyles in tune with the planet. It will also unravel the deep social and personal changes that automatically show up for re-adjustment when we embark on the journey to live within the energy limits of our environment, outside our comfort-zone.

This is where ninety percent of attempts fail. We believe that a dedicated action-research, in the interrelation of the models that we know of so far, could be very effectively carried though the power of story, as well as more rigorous study, with every other means we have at our disposal.

WHY – 8th Life’s mission is to bring together the latest and most promising models that are needed to create sustainable human communities and test them on the ground, openly sharing the results. 8th Life is an adventure in fixing systems not symptoms. It is an open and innovative sustainability lab for exploring the many interconnected layers and levels (or fractals) of change that we are facing as humans, that we are urgently called to undergo, but which can seem overwhelming at times.

The good news is that this transition could be a lot more exciting and quicker than we imagined if we understand and work with–instead of against, as we tend to do–some basic laws of nature.

See 8thlife.org for more details.

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