Sept 20: Live Stream of Talks on UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG) from TED and the Gates Foundation

The Millennium Development Goals (adopted by world leaders in 2000 and set to be achieved by 2015) are the most broadly supported and specific development goals ever agreed upon by the world community to address extreme poverty. A UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals is scheduled for Sept 20-22 in New York City.  The Gates Foundation and TED have joined up as TEDxChange to produce a 90 minute live stream on at 11 am EDT on Sept. 20th, 2010 featuring talks by some of the world’s most inspiring thinkers and doers on development and the eradication of poverty.

MGD Goals would cut world poverty in half – billions would benefit

TEDxChange will look at what changes have taken place since 2000 when world leaders adopted the eight goals designed to tackle poverty and what more needs to be done to reach the goals by 2015. The eight MDGs are:

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
  • Achieve universal primary education;
  • promote gender equality and empower women;
  • reduce child mortality;
  • Improve maternal health;
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases;
  • Ensure environmental sustainability; and
  • Build a Global Partnership for development.

The goals are both global and local and tailored by each country to address specific development needs. If these goals are achieved, world poverty will be cut by half, tens of millions of lives will be saved, and billions more people will have the opportunity to benefit from the global economy. The millennium goals provide a framework for the entire international community to work together towards that common end.

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