Learning is for everyone

Organization: Learning is for Everyone
Email: info@Learningis4everyone.org
Author: TM Willingham

Learning is for Everyone (LIFE) works online and at the community level to make lifelong learning an enjoyable, desirable and accessible opportunity for everyone of every age. Learning is for Everyone believes that everyone should have equal access to knowledge, and the opportunity to learn in ways that best meet individual needs and abilities.

We want to make learning an end in itself. We hope that “wanting to know” becomes as celebrated as sports and entertainment, and that being educated and informed becomes cool!

To that end, LIFE supports community level STEM programs like FIRST–robotics, humanities programs like Picturing America, and hosting the  TEDxYouth program to celebrate, empower and inspire youth. LIFE also supports informal education programs and projects of all kinds, maintaining an extensive library of free, high quality online learning resources on our website and Facebook page, and facilitating support and networking opportunities for learners nationwide.

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