2010 Floods in Pakistan: Ways to Help from Huffington Post

In what U.N. Secretary General called the worst natural disaster he’s ever seen, floods in the northwest regions of Pakistan have devastated millions of communities, leaving families with nowhere to go. The floods have already killed 1,500 people and left seven million in need of emergency assistance, including medical attention, food and shelter.

flood victims

Pakistan needs our help; it is urgent. International Aid is arriving, but slowly and not enough. The UN’s central emergency response fund has given a total of $27m from the fund so far, but the emergency calls for over $459m to be fully attended.

As in many other occasions, people and groups from all around the world are hearing the call and stepping up. The magnitude of the disaster is so big every effort and donation counts. The international community has made a call to everyone, and many organizations have been working endlessly in trying to get life saving supplies to the flood victims.

The Huffington Post has compiled a great list of ways to get involved and organizations that are receiving donations for Pakistan. We encourage the FOUR YEARS. GO. community to get involved and help, in whatever small way you can, our fellow human beings I these times of urgent need.

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