First FOUR YEARS. GO. Gathering of Volunteers and Leaders

From July 25th to July 27th, we had our first face to face FOUR YEAR. GO. gathering in Tiburon, Marine County, CA, thanks to the generosity and hospitality of Lori Grace, who received us at her home for all this time.

Since the launch of FOUR YEARS. GO., many of us had been working very close, teaming up to ignite the global conversation that will ultimately get us to change our ways, and create the Global shift the world so desperately needs.

After all this months of hard work, many of us hadn’t even met!  For three days, we got a chance to meet, bond,

Us during a session

create community and take FOUR YEARS. GO. to the next level. People flew in from all parts of the country and the world; we had participants from D.C, New York, Ohio, Canada, UK, and many more. Many participants tuned in live via the Internet, getting a chance to participate from home. Over 60 participants total!

Let’s start by saying: boy was it intense! There was so much to be done! The first couple of days went by with hard work in the deeper, foundational levels. What is the ultimate purpose of FOUR YEARS. GO.? Where do we stand right now? Is FOUR YEARS. GO. for me? It was a very diverse group: different background, skills and ways, but ultimately, we all believed in the same underlying truth. The current ways of the world need to transform, and humanity is ready to make that change, even if they don’t know it yet.  We are faced with a moment of unique urgency but also of unique opportunity: we can shift the course of history into a world of social justice, spiritual fulfillment and environmental sustainability. After much deliberation, and getting to know each other we were ready for the next step: fine-tuning our mission, vision, goals.

What do we see happening if FOUR YEARS. GO. succeeds? How can we know? What needs to happen? The third day was dedicated to setting the needed structure to take the message of FOUR YEARS. GO. out into the world. This meant recognizing our necessities, creating new teams, setting goals and establishing long lasting plans for growth and inclusion.

The Group the last daySoon We’ll be able to introduce in full extent the new teams, goals, as well as keep you updated on all our activities! FOUR YEARS. GO.  is happening now!

We take this opportunity to thank and recognize the hard work that many of FOUR YEARS. GO. members put in organizing this gathering. Without the effort, passion and commitment of Mark Bachelder, Nancy Polend, Ray Murray, Marilyn Levin, Lyn Jeffress, Nirvana Cable, and so many others, this couldn’t have been possible. Thanks to Sahna Wicks for not only providing incredible food, but incredible presence with her generosity and involvement.

Again, thank you.

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