Shift Awareness Books: 2012 Experts Co-Op

Organization: Shift Awareness Books
Author: Hunt Henion

As 2012 approaches, more and more people could benefit from your particular transformative insights. However, without a miracle, your reputation may not grow fast enough to accomplish all the good you deserve.

Contributing your best thoughts to our co-op publication, might just manifest the miracle you need.

Shift Awareness BooksThe window of opportunity to get out this vital information about constructive attitudes and actions is limited, and an individual acting alone can only do so much. However, if you were to put your message into our collection of complementary messages, our team of publicists guarantees it will get the recognition it deserves!

Being a co-author with Drunvalo and others in a best selling book will instantly give you tremendous credibility and open doors to unlimited free publicity that are closed to all but a handful of authorities and speakers.

This isn’t just a good a good idea. It’s a system that we’ve proven on 32 previous occasions!

This series of books has over 12 million commentaries in print and has sold millions of copies!

We’d like to invite you to join our most exciting project yet! This opportunity to discuss what to expect as 2012 approaches, and what readers should do about it, won’t ever come along again.

Besides guaranteeing that the book (your book, “Approaching 2012 – Making Your Own Shift” ) will become a best seller, we’ll also teach you how to make the most of your new expert status. We’ll also coordinate cooperative marketing efforts between the authors.

Involvement in this project will bring in a flood of new business! Check out our web page!

Then call Steven E with your questions: 562-884-0062.

You can RSVP for our teleconference at the same time.
Or you can simply RSVP to

Mark your calendar: Thursday evening, July 29 at 6 PM Pacific Time (9 PM E.T.)

Join the teleconference by calling 218-548-1125 — Pin 86827

We look forward to discussing how you can use the 2012 Shift to shift your reputation and business into high gear!


Hunt Henion & Steven E

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