Catalan Bullfighting Ban Devides Spain

bull_fightingThe government from Catalonia, a northern province of Spain, has voted to ban bullfighting, a Spanish game. At first, the ban has divided the people who favor keeping the Spanish tradition and the animal rights activists. However, the ban went further to divide Catalonia and Spain. Catalonia has a long history of independent tendency from Spain. Some Spanish argue that Catalonia uses this ban for political purpose. However, the Catalan lawmakers say that the main concern is about the animal welfare.

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  • Bullfighting in spain

    This is the only art in which the artist knowingly stakes his life and is also considered as a dance with death. It’s a part of a rich European culture. That’s why their people don’t want their culture to be vanished but if they think from the animal welfare point of view they will surely understand.

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