FOUR YEARS. GO. First Facebook Outreach Week – Aiming for 10K Fans

Facebook Outreach Week BannerFOUR YEARS. GO. facilitators recently met in person to articulate the initiatives that will lead the ambitious nature of the FOUR YEARS. GO. conversation. Regardless of the meeting, workshop, brainstorming session or action plan, every conversation resonated with one simple, yet powerful underlying principle: We all are the true change agents.

As we re-affirm it is time to come together, FOUR YEARS. GO. has prepared to support its mission by organizing its first Outreach Week, starting August 2, 2010. So Step Up, Show Up and Say Yes!

The main purpose of FOUR YEARS. GO. Outreach Week is to extend our message to a broader audience and to expand our network by leveraging the power of our online community. We will rally citizens around the world to energize this collective movement and together, we will spread the word to individuals and organizations, invite them to join FOUR YEARS. GO., and carry the message onto their circles of friends, families and colleagues.

Join us at FOUR YEARS. GO. on Facebook and help us make the collective statement the world need to hear!

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