The Human Race for a Healthy Planet

Organization: Time To Get Smarter
Author: Tom Kahan

This Labor Day, Time To Get Smarter is launching an online petition to President Obama and Congress calling for a Green Recovery and Green America using pricing that tells the truth — i.e. true cost taxes on pollution which make reducing and eliminating pollution profitable! Unfortunately, this seems to be the only systemic solution out there to our deep recession and the across the board pollution from greenhouse gases, chemicalized factory farming and the 62,000 untested chemicals we’re exposed to — so we need as much support as possible to spread the word. Below is a 3-part summary of this petition:

  1. Time To Get Smarter 2Make America’s largest irresponsible experiment and unacknowledged tax on society and our children’s future – the chemical and radioactive pollution of our air, water, soil, food and bodies – clear and visible with taxes on pollution so reducing pollution (and ones taxes) now becomes more profitable than polluting.
  2. Deposit 25% of these taxes equally every month into the bank accounts of adult residents to cushion them from initially higher prices and help them buy eco-friendlier goods and services. (Heating, cooling, garbage, healthcare and military costs to guard overseas oil supplies will over time drop.)
  3. Use the lion’s share of the other 75% to create and subsidize a boom in demand for green jobs by, among other projects, helping low to average income homeowners, renters, businesses and farmers pay for energy retrofitting their homes, businesses and farms. Because supply follows demand backed by money, this leads to a boom in green jobs doing these solar/wind retrofits and, pressured by taxes on pollution and competition, an accelerating boom in developing, making and selling continually cleaner, safer, healthier food, goods, services and methods of production.

The result: Ever Cleaner and Safer continually underprices, outcompetes and replaces Dirtier and More Dangerous and millions of people go back to work making a continually cleaner, safer, healthier and more sustainable economy, environment and world.

It’s Time To Get Smarter. For the sake of our children.

Four Years. Go.
Join the Human Race for a Healthy Planet

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