RSC Business Group: the Development of Small Businesses and Stabilises Middle Classes Globally

Organization: RSC Business Group
Author: Vwodek Wojczynski


Grounded in the Four Years. Go.’s philosophy of sufficiency, RSC Business Group believes that every person who wants to start a business and is willing to do the work should have the opportunity to learn the required skill-set, mindset and experience a contextual shift to learn how to not only operate a business, but also how to be an authentic owner of a business, regardless of their current level of income.

RSC-Business-Group logoFrom our view, being an authentic owner of a business is the highest expression of one’s ingenuity and is the ultimate growth and development playground for anyone who intends on being an active global citizen, make a difference on our planet and have great fun in the process. This is accomplished through providing what is needed and wanted in the communities a business exists and, ultimately, the world.

The Initiative

The initiative we are launching is designed to provide affordable, world-class training and development for entrepreneurs and small businesses globally.

The purpose of the initiative is to close the gap between the upper classes and lower classes through the building of a conscious middle class that can act as a shock absorber and stabilise the flow of the global economy.

In the process of this initiative it is our intention to dramatically increase the percentage of businesses that succeed not only in their growth and profitability goals, but also in the difference they are intending on making in the world.

To participate we invite business people to participate by applying to the “Small Business Owner Mindset Challenge” by sending an email to

The cornerstone of our program is the simple recognition that while we do live in an abundant world most of humanity is “stuck” living in a condition of scarcity due to lack of information, systems and training.
The reality is that abundance can be accessed by any organization that has designed systems to process it, however it is not accessible by individuals alone. In actuality, individuals experience abundance as overwhelm, anxiety or as “too much” of something.

Thus, while individuals live inside of it, they cannot take advantage of the abundance that is present. It is only organizations that can process the abundance of the world, and we assert that to have a stable middle class the small business owners and operators require to be fully developed inside of this simple, yet profound idea.

As such, they will need to become system builders, just like our bodies have a system for processing the abundant oxygen it breathes, for a business to truly thrive it requires a system to process the abundance of the world and maintain the flow.

As a company and an emergent global system, RSC Business Group’s external mission is to make a powerful, positive impact in the world.

Our core work is the creation, nurturing, and development of groups, companies, businesses, enterprises, Operative Knowledge and integrative cultures that make everything possible.

All of our work lives inside of the intention of building a better world.

We say that our intention is being fulfilled when we are providing what is needed and wanted to the communities we belong to.

As we live this intention daily, we provide several benefits to our community including coaching, consulting, training, support, education, information, systems, and methodologies that benefit all involved.

As a company we have many roles inside of this intention including, catalyst, consultant, coach, educator, developer, manager, executive, advisor, investor and integrator.

Regardless of the role we play it is our job to cause, create, design, build, partner, and maintain organizations that make a difference, have a continuous positive global reach and impact, through training, access and participation.

As we maintain pathways of choice, freedom, growth, wealth and opportunity for all, collectively, we are a path of financial independence, wealth, awareness, partnership and freedom.

All of those who participate shall benefit from our organization’s intent, effortlessly and decisively, experiencing constant growth and fulfillment.

Through each interaction, we serve humanity and the world in the most positive of ways.

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