50 Homemade Beauty Recipes from Planet Green!

Following FOUR YEARS. GO.’s call to change the world for better, many of us strive to improve even the smallest things in our lives. Some followers of our FOUR YEARS. GO.’s Facebook site have shared cool stuffs like how to make recycled paper from discarded paper. Now, FOUR YEARS. GO. wants to share back to our readers an amazing article from Planet Green!

FlowersLadies! Have you ever thought about how those cosmetic products that you use everyday were made? Have you ever want to try to make them yourselves? “No way!!!” you may talk to yourself. But hey, now Planet Green has 50 recipes to help you make from shampoo to perfume and foot care! We know that our ladies here care deeply about the environment and you all deserve to be beautiful and taken care of! Why don’t we have some fun by making some of our own cosmetic products and buy less from the expensive commercial product lines? Now, these product formulas are designed to be fairly cheap and easy to make using simple ingredients. Maybe, while having fun making our beauty products, we can be aware that the commercial products are not always the greenest and safest cosmetic alternatives to our bodies.

And gentlemen, don’t be shy! You can try them too! There are plenty of recipes for you to use, including cologne and aftershave for men!

Well, now let’s the fun begin!!! We would like to thank Planet Green for posting these 50 amazing recipes! Please read more on their article for appreciate the full range of products you can try yourself at home. Have fun!!!

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