Institute For Global Transformation: Survival Guide For Transformational Consciousness in the 21st Century

Organization: Institute For Global Transformation
Author: Maryann Miller

We’re on a great journey together; join us in our quest to grow seeds of transformation.

Our goals are large and we are excited about our progress! We’re expanding the global network of individuals who want to move from personal ambition to personal transformation and in so doing, master their own lives and in some manner share their experience with others, in order to uplift and transform consciousness and make the world a better place for all.

Institute For Global Transformation 1We’re also producing a Survival Guide for the 21st Century. It will be designed to:

  • Equip its reader with specific information designed to transform or re-program old thinking patterns, habits, prejudices, and paradigms that significantly divide humanity as a whole
  • Provide information on why even great self-help systems sometimes fail to produce the expected results
  • Navigate through the mazes that individuals, and humanity as a whole, have consciously or unconsciously constructed in order to produce core changes within self and transform old paradigms that hold individuals and humanity to past mistakes.
  • Explore communication, group cooperation, and the higher levels of consciousness that will be needed to effectively navigate humanity’s future together.

Science has confirmed that the “human body, mind, and the cosmos itself, are intimately intertwined in a subtle interplay of intelligent communication.” Ervin Laszlo

The planet is fast approaching a pivotal time in its history; there is change and unrest everywhere. Through the Institute’s explorations into consciousness and life altering programs, we discover, develop, and share new solutions to personal and global issues.

Institute For Global TransformationYour donation will help us expand our programs, reach larger audiences, and effect more transformations in consciousness. The Institute For Global Transformation is a tax-exempt philanthropic organization with members throughout the world. We receive no government funding, nor do we have membership fees. A full 98% of your tax-deductible donation goes directly toward our outreach programs to transform consciousness and build a happier, healthier, more cooperative and peaceful world.

We are honored to have investors in humanity’s future who share our vision, investors such as you who want to make an impact on the world and champion cooperation, collaboration, and transformations in consciousness.

  • mary4525323

    Global transformation is very important issue for us. So i think we need to developed this education around the world. So this kind of institute can change our communication system as so far.

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