Solar Energy Increases 500% in 2 Years

Organization: The Starfish Enterprises Network
Author: Adam Blakester

Farming the Sun began as a simple community ‘group buy’ enterprise and achieved a 60% reduction in the price of residential solar power when it began.

The Starfish Enterprises NetworkSince then the initiative has broaden to include sun farms, commercial systems, solar hot water and sustainability assessments.

Solar heating is soon to be added and a tender has been submitted to commence work on a community-owned wind farm.

Overall, Farming the Sun has made solar systems 20-50% more affordable, directly generated 230+ new solar systems and solar farms in just 18 months, created more than $4 million in ‘green economy’ jobs, business and training, plus strengthened community partnerships and significantly increased community understanding of renewable energy.

  • Chuck P.

     Go sun go!

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