Community Action against Corruption in Forest Management and Bio Piracy

Organization: Better World Cameroon
Author: Joshua Konkankoh

Campaigning against my country’s environmental ills is what I consider great goals to restore the country’s social equilbrium, economic development and contribute positively to the global environment.

Since 2008, I have been using nature clubs,traditional music and dance for youth mobilization and sensitization following the advent of the food crisis in Cameroon, trying to reconnect youth to the land and inspiring behaviour change towards environmental restoration and climate change mitigation. I provide a model to restore the region’s largely deforested mountain sides and dried up water catchments; and a plan for Biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and sustainable agriculture.

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My mission is to work with all stake holders for the institution of political dialogue on the issues of corruption andyoung people to stop following down the path of irresponsible acts of the adults over the environment, to embrace more traditional land based values, to understand how they fit into the grand scheme of modern life through green business and sustainable living. I hold monthly meetings with my team and organize capacity workshops for the implication of transparency, legitimacy and professionalism in thematic areas of small scale farmer groups in the regions, environmental and cultural clubs in schools, youth development assistants, women’s rights and right to land, and education and health networks. At the end of our meetings and workshops we always hold a press conference and distribute a newsletter and other information documents.

With this GO platform, I believe raising my campaign to the level of linking with other campaigns will bring a global dimension to fighting corruption in Africa generally and enable leaders to assert their ability in managing Africa’s rich natural resources sustainably.

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