WATUN is organizing a first International UN Charter Review Conference Oct 24 – 28 in San Francisco, CA

Organization: World Alliance to Transform the United Nations
Author: Rob Wheeler
Contact: robwheeler22 @ gmail.com

The UN has made sufficient commitments and agreements to solve our primary global problems if they were fully implemented. The UN has done a lot of good in the world; but unfortunately, it is organized and operates in such a way that it seldom achieves the goals, mandates, and obligations that have been made.

WATUNArticle 109 of the Charter stipulates that the UN is authorized to hold a Charter Review Conference and the General Assembly adopted a resolution in 1955 stating that it shall hold such a Conference, but it has never been held so far. The Charter states that the governments shall resolve conflicts peaceably and remove any and all international threats to the peace; to achieve and provide all people’s with their basic human rights; etc. Unfortunately, the UN Member States repeatedly violate the Charter with immunity. The World Alliance to Transform the United Nations (WATUN) is thus calling on the UN to organize and hold a UN Charter Review Conference in order to significantly strengthen and democratize the United Nations.

WATUN’s October 24 -28 UN Charter Review Conference, held in San Francisco where the Charter was originally drafted and signed, will provide the world’s people with an opportunity to point out the failures of the UN to carry out the goals and commitments that have been made; and to focus on how all peoples basic human rights to food, clothing, shelter, medical care, educational opportunities, energy access, etc. could fairly easily be achieved.

See: www.watun.org for more information.


Rob Wheeler
Chair of the Executive Committee & Governing Council

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