The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge

Organization: Open Future Limited
John Stephen Veitch

Lord Keynes was wrong when he said, “The only thing that’s important is the money supply.”

Governments strive to increase GDP because that increases the tax take and lessens the pressures on government accounts. GDP is a very bad measure of real progress.

Governments strive to increase the number of jobs in the community, but modern economies invest in ways that produce very few jobs. “Full employment” is apparently an ideal of the past Governments try to hide the real unemployment rate.

The Necessary RevolutionIncreasing the GDP and increasing employment is easier in a lax easy liquidity situation. Easy money encourages “growth” even if most of that apparent “growth” is just inflation caused by easy credit policies. So everywhere there is a mountain of debt that will never be repaid.

Moreover, by encouraging consumption, we are wasting resources, squandering our real wealth, destroying the environment, causing global warming, polluting the oceans, we are doing untold damage wherever we look, because we “MUST” keep the economy growing.

Something is wrong here.

We suffer from a collective madness, based on the theories of long dead economists. We run on a treadmill that we created that does us no good, and destroys the world we live in. Our future is closing, and we are the cause.

We could really have an “open future”, but we have to understand who we really are, what the ecology of the world is like, and how one tiny part of that ecology, the world economic system has become an apparently unstoppable destructive force. Once we understand we have to change many things. What we know, how we think and how we behave.

At Open Future Limited we have two tasks.
To better understand the problem outlined above.
To spread that understanding and a message of hope.

In his book “The Necessary Revolution” Dr. Peter Senge does much to explain the problem and to suggest some practical things we can do now.

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