Next Culture Research & Training Center Launches Paradigm Shift Labs to Help Organizations Think Sustainably

Organization: Net Culture Paradigm Labs
Author: Clinton Callahan

Facilitating The Shift To Next Culture

Next Culture Paradigm Labs empower individuals and organizations to source an environmentally flourishing, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on planet Earth.

The Labs broaden and deepen the clarity and commitment that that groups such as the Pachamama Alliance have been providing.

Next Culture Paradigm LabsIf your intention is to help facilitate the shift of industrial economic societies to life sustaining societies, then you will need capabilities that modern civilization has not awakened in you.

You are capable of learning about things that you probably never considered could be learned about.

You have an abundance of built-in talents and powers that can be awakened to help you deliver on your commitment to serve humanity.

We are sure of this because we have been researching beyond mainstream culture since 1975. The distinctions, thoughtmaps, tools and processes provided in Next Culture Labs match what is needed to bring individuals and groups over the bridge to sustainable next culture.

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Something Better Than Civilization Is Waiting For Us

In a complex culture, people are forced to remain simple.

Modern civilization leaves it citizens trapped in a cocoon of adolescent defense strategies – victimized, confused and disempowered with regards to their true destiny. You do not have to stay that way. A different world awaits you: a world of radical responsibility and radical audacity, a world of clarity, intimacy, possibility, communication and fulfillment.

With your natural adult powers turned on you gain:

  • Abilities to choose among more options than are offered
  • The authority to declare what is so and what is not so
  • The perspective to ask questions whose answers are not contained in current reality
  • The inspiration to take unprecedented action in service of your bright vision.

You harness the kind of power that Andrew Jackson meant when he said, “One man with courage makes a majority.” (His sentiment certainly also applies to women!)

Something better than civilization is waiting for us… it is called next culture. We need you to help lead.

Book Tip

Just published: Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan (2010 Hohm Press) empowers your actions with next culture thoughtware.

( or search Amazon for Clinton Callahan).

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