New book calls for conscious evoloution of the human species

Organization: John Renesch
Author: John Renesch

The global financial meltdown that surfaced in late 2008 taught us we have been living far above our means – physically and materially. Here is a book that looks at how far below our potential we have been living – emotionally and spiritually – and offers a vision that can correct this.

The New Human: Consciously Evolving to Civilization 3.0 (working title) sets the stage for a new frontier for human consciousness. It projects a vision and shows a way for generating a global reality that offers all of humanity a more stable, secure and peaceful future, qualities just about any mature and sane person in today’s world would want. The author makes a convincing case for why the time is now to make this conscious shift in human evolution. He points to the extraordinary confluence of forces that make it possible to realize this new potential now, perhaps for the first time in human history. He describes a vision for a better future, a “world that works for everyone”- not just some people, but all people! The New Human is a major next step toward the inherent social potential of humankind.

John ReneschThe author is John Renesch, futurist and author or editor of twelve books including his most recent, Getting to the Better Future: A Matter of Conscious Choosing. Inspired by the original American Dream created by the founders of the United States of America (not the materialism-based one presently in play), the author extrapolates that inspired 18th Century ideal for one nation into a 21st Century vision for the whole world. The future he describes is visible to the human heart if not immediately visible to the intellect. He calls this future the “Great Dream” and explains how social transformations of this magnitude usually occur. He points to the amazing but unappreciated power of public legitimacy people unconsciously surrender to dysfunctional systems thus contributing directly to situations they wish were different. The New Human identifies the allies and enemies of this transformation and concludes with a clear and inspiring vision of what is entirely possible, yet unrealized, for human beings in today’s world.

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