2020 Climate Leadership Campaign, MatadorChange, and Everlasting Designs endorse FOUR YEARS. GO.

2020 Climate Leadership Campaign

On their blog, the 2020 Climate Leadership Campaign has introduced and echoed the FOUR YEARS. GO.’s message of changing the world for better. They urged their readers to watch FOUR YEARS. GO.’s video and check out more at its website, Facebook and Twitter sites.


In an article about FOUR YEARS. GO., Julie Schwietert of MatadorChange reflects how FOUR YEARS. GO.’s video has inspired her a sense of hope. She writes:

On the other hand, thinking about the urgency of doing something meaningful for the environment within four years as opposed to 40 or 50 years feels more doable and just makes sense.

Everlasting Designs

Sheri of Everlasting Designs reminds us that by 2014 we can achieve so many good things for the future. She invites her readers to watch FOUR YEARS. GO.’s video and be inspired!

And more!

And, among other bloggers who have helped spread the message of FOUR YEARS. GO., check these out:

Thank You From FOUR YEARS.GO.

Thanks to all of you in the blog world who have spread the message of FOUR YEARS. GO. We look forward to learning what commitments you will make for the next four years to help shift humanity onto a sustainable, just, and fulfilling path by 2014.

Visit our map to see what others have committed to and then make your own commitment!

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