Jason Mraz, Bhavani Prakash, and Stephen Hinton rally for FOUR YEARS. GO.

Jason Mraz of Freshness Factor Five Thousand

On his blog Freshness Factor Five Thousand, Jason Mraz recalls how a video of FOUR YEARS. GO. has inspired him. He comes up with some of his own solutions to current problems in our world. “This is our Renaissance,” Jason urges his followers to join the FOUR YEARS. GO. campaign and contribute to the cause for humanity.

Bhavani Prakash of Eco Walk the Talk

In a post introducing FOUR YEARS. GO. on Eco Walk the Talk, Bhavani Prakash passes on the campaign’s message. She encourages her readers to watch the campaign video and follow FOUR YEARS. GO. on our website, Twitter and Facebook.

Stephen Hinton of A Very Beautiful Place

Stephen Hinton is the author of A Very Beautiful Place blog. Rallying for FOUR YEARS. GO., he writes:

The stakes are too high and the risks from waiting too great. We must act now. As Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel Corporation points out, “It is a lot easier to change when you can than when you have to.” Four Years. Go. intends that humanity motivates itself and gets into action now, when it can, and thus consciously chooses and participates in the design of its future.

And more!

And, among other bloggers who have helped spread the message of FOUR YEARS. GO., check these out:

Thank You From FOUR YEARS.GO.

Thanks to all of you in the blog world who have spread the message of FOUR YEARS. GO. We look forward to learning what commitments you will make for the next four years to help shift humanity onto a sustainable, just, and fulfilling path by 2014.

Visit our map to see what others have committed to and then make your own commitment!

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