Question of the Week: What is the message of the Gulf coast oil spill?

The recent oil spill in the gulf coast is on track to become the largest oil spill in the history of the United States and perhaps one of the largest environmental disasters ever.  We want to hear from you: What is the message of this oil spill?

Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Vision of the Four Years. Go. Question of the Week

The vision of the Four Years. Go. Question of the Week is to ignite a conversation about what is ahead in our lives and in the world. We intend to spark your curiosity about your role in this emerging planetary moment. Deep inquiry can bring us each into full contact with our personal stake in creating a just, sustainable and fulfilling world, however it may be obscured beneath illusion, grief, conflict, paralysis or cynicism. We want to clear away the obstacles to unearthing the collective intelligence that we need to truly co-create a different world in four years, not just talk about it. We want to hold a conversation that stimulates, that disturbs, that lights fires and opens hearts and minds in every corner of this conscious living system that we are. Join us on this journey for the next four years. Every voice is welcome.

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Ideas on Using The Questions of the Week

Lois Barber, Co-founder & Executive Director of EarthAction and Co-chair of Alliance for Renewable Energy-ARE shares her thoughts on how the FOUR YEARS. GO. Questions of the Week can be used to generate transformations. Check out her recommendations >>

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