How To Use The FOUR YEARS. GO. Question of the Week

Lois Barber

A question can be pondered alone or shared with others. A good question can move your mind, your body, and your energy. It can lead to new ways of thinking and new ways of being.

We hope the Question of the Week will stimulate your own thinking and that it will act as a springboard to initiate discussions with your friends, family, and colleagues around the Four Year. Go challenge. Below are some ideas for how individuals and organizations might use the Question of the Week.

Please let us know how you are using the Question of the Week, your suggestions for questions to post, and/or your ideas to be added to the list below. Many thanks.

Ideas for Individuals

  1. Tape the QW to your bathroom mirror.
  2. Discuss it with your friends, family, colleagues, people older, people younger.
  3. Invite a group you are part of to discuss the Q (church, bowling, book, etc.).
  4. Sit quietly with it, both inside and outside.
  5. Take the Q along on a walking mediation.
  6. Email it to friends.
  7. Keep a journal for the next few months based on the QWs.
  8. Respond to the questions with prose, poetry, paintings, music, dance, etc.
  9. Ask your cat, dog, and other animals what they think.
  10. Consider how the message of 4YG relates to your personal goals for your life.

Ideas for Organizations & Groups

The QW can serve as a catalyst for creating and fostering a process of inquiry in your group, organization or business around the idea(s) put forward by 4YG. A question that is well shared and explored together can increase awareness, exploration, creativity, stimulate new ideas, encourage changed attitudes and behaviors, and lead to action.

Each organization or group has both an internal life, i.e., how people within the organization (staff, volunteers, board members, etc.) relate to each other, and an external life, i.e., how the organization interacts with the people and entities ‘outside’ the organization (colleagues, customers, clients, delivery people, members of the community, policymakers, the media, etc.).

Below are some ideas for using the Question of the Week both within and outside your organization.

Internal—inside your organization

(for staff, volunteers, board members, etc. within  your organization or group.) After you have let people know about 4YG:

  1. Post it on a ‘bulletin board’ (electronic and/or real) where people can add their thoughts and responses.
  2. Email the QW to some or everyone in your group.
  3. Start a Four Years Go QW meet-up that will get together once a week (maybe over lunch) to discuss the Q for that week.
  4. Write it on a piece of paper and tape it to the entry and exit doors and/or on the mirrors or doors of the stalls in the bathrooms.
  5. Put it on the agenda to discuss at staff and board meetings.
  6. Keep a group journal based on the Qs and the discussions they stimulate.
  7. Meet to consider how the Question relates to your organization’s mission and goals.

External—everyone your group or organization relates to ‘outside’ your organization

  1. Post information about 4YG on your website and update the QW each week.
  2. Write an article or blog post about 4YG and the QWs in your newsletter.
  3. Email it to selected lists.
  4. Host a ‘brown bag’ lunch to discuss the Q.
  5. Host a conference call to discuss it.
  6. Host a meeting to discuss one or more Qs.
  7. Send out a press release about your group’s participation in 4YG and the QWs.
  8. Set up a table in a public place with info about 4YG and the QW.
  9. Meet with your elected policymakers and let them know about 4YG, what you are doing as part of it, and invite them to participate.

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